Why us?

Market access and distribution to almost 200 million customers

  • Access to our global footprint of 174 million customers
  • Strong distribution in mature and growth markets as #1 or #2 telco in Europe and Asia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan)  

Industry expertise

  • Access to telco industry experts within the company
  • Access to expertise from our portfolio companies within online classifieds, financial services, ad tech and IoT connectivity
  • Expert opinions from our internal technical advisors

Developer platform

Our developer platform enables you to integrate connectivity, voice, location, payment and other telco assets in to your product (under development).

Investment and acquisition

  • Potential investment and follow on in Series A and B rounds
  • Possible early M&A in 3-5 years

Answer within 4 weeks

You won’t be dragged along for months before getting a clear answer. We commit to assessing your proposal and giving you a “no” or a plan with specific next steps, if you contact us through the appropriate channels.