Why you?

We look to create pilot partnerships with and/or invest in exciting startups that can add value to Telenor and create new digital offerings. Primary categories of interest are:

Connectivity and internet of things

There is still room for reinventing how we deliver our core product areas.  Do you see how we can improve how people and devices are being connected?  Does your startup have an idea for improving how we distribute our services, for example through new digital channels? ?  Are you able to rethink how the business models are structured to monetize on the value delivered to customers?  Which new connectivity services can we build and deliver? How can we rethink the way we do our core business?

Communication services

Companies like Line, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Facebook have changed how the world communicates. What can we bring to the market which can enrich how people communicate? Do you see certain groups of people whose communication needs are not yet met? How can we leverage technology or new business models such as RCS, WebRTC, CPaaS, APIfication etc.?

Storage & security

People have a growing amount of data – messages, documents, pictures, videos, snaps, which are spreading in an increasing number of places – phones, apps, cameras, computers etc. How can we help people manage this? How can we help them store and protect the data? How can we help parents manage their children’s digital presence? Are there other opportunities in this space?

Key criteria for assessing partnership and investment opportunities:

  • Market ready product
  • Series A/B stage preferred
  • Strong team ready to scale with us
  • Regional or global ambitions