“Watch out” news for 5 kinds of techies

These are the new developments in operating systems, apps and consumer behaviours that you need to know if you are one of the following types of techie:

Android developer:  

Google is expected to launch a web interface for its Android Messaging app, GSMArena has reported. It is a significant move to counter the similar feature provided by Apple iOS. The desktop interface is likely to work on all browsers and allow mobiles to pair with multiple computers. While Google is yet to confirm any new releases, the talk of its one-tap instant messages has also been circulating in the tech community. The feature is expected to work with all Android messaging apps similar to Allo and Gmail.


Following the Logan Paul episode, YouTube announced wider and stricter ‘Community Guidelines’ that, according to the videos hosting site, is an attempt to ‘prevent harm to the broader YouTube community’ from actions of just a few. The additional guidelines says that YouTube can minimize monetization, promotion and partnership potential if a channel posts particularly blatant or harmful content. Moreover, YouTube can also ‘remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended.’


Google is set to release a ‘Chrome 68’ version of its browser in July this year which will label all HTTP sites as “not secure”. The tech giant has been strongly advocating HTTPS encryption for enhanced online security for past several years. Google recently reported over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows as ‘protected’ with 81 of the top 100 sites on the web using HTTPS by default.

Social media marketer:

Decline in Facebook users is no longer news; however a new study has substantiated the lack of interest among teenagers as well. eMarketer has reported a faster decline in young Facebook users compared to last year. “The number of total Facebook users in the US will reach 169.5 million this year, up just under 1% from 2017” the research forecast quoted. eMarketer also estimated that Facebook will lose 2 million users aged 24 and younger this year.


Looking for the most thriving industries in the app world, ask cupid. Dating apps are one of the most rapidly growing online businesses since Tinder surfaced in 2012. Today, Tinder has over 57 million monthly active users. Market data and insights firm App Annie recently reported that worldwide spend in online dating applications has nearly doubled in 2017 from the year before. According to BBC, three out of the top 10 apps by consumer spend are dating apps in the UK.