Five hot areas to look out for in 2018

New year, new trends. Here’s the latest on what’s moving and shaking in 5G, AI, cryptocurrency, mixed reality and gene editing. Make sure you read on for an energising bonus treat! 


High speed, larger networks, low latency, high security or, to put it all simply, downloading a 2 hour movie in 3.5 seconds is what 5G is about. But before you get too excited, year 2018 will see more infrastructure development and layout for 5G than commercial availability, as evident from 5G trials taking place in Europe and the US by giant telecoms companies. Moreover, 5G supporting handsets are expected to hit mass market no earlier than 2019. But this year will see what is referred to as “fixed wireless” – similar to a laser bridge that Wikipedia defines as operation of wireless devices or systems in fixed locations such as homes and offices. Something more interesting to look out for in 2018 is the display of practical uses of 5G, like high definition video streaming, during Winter Olympics in South Korea.

AI Widespread

2017 was dubbed the year of Artificial Intelligence or AI when nearly all tech companies wanted a taste of it and most efforts were focused on limited objectives like making AI learning more human values. As opposed to this vertical approach, 2018 will see a more widespread penetration into almost every platform, app, device and even creative ventures. Evidence? AI has already written a chapter of Harry Potter story after being fed all 7 books of J.K. Rowling’s bestselling series. And it is only the beginning.


Bitcoin’s value reached its all-time high ‘USD 19,783’ in December last year and has been an exhilarating news maker in the finance industry. But right under its shadow, a number of parallel digital currencies started to emerge that are expected to grow in 2018. Litecoin, for instance, is the fourth largest cryptocurrency market behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash and its price has grown 7,291% against Bitcoin’s 1,731% in 2017. Being lightweight and easily minned, parallel cryptocurrencies will give Bitcoin a run for its money in 2018.

Mixed reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have presented us their glories last year, in 2018 we expect them to ‘mix’ and create new experiences that can be both practical and entertaining. Technologies like Magic Leap have started to offer Visual Perception with Next Gen Interface that allows users to be present anywhere virtually, shop by looking at 3D objects through content extraction and create new worlds right on their coffee tables.

Gene Editing

As described by ‘The Guardian’, Crispr is a guide molecule that is capable of modifying DNA in precise locations to delete faulty genes or over-write flaws in the genetic code. Invented in 2003, 2018 will see its first application on humans where scientist will attempt to remove genetic defect in patients with an inherited blood disorder called beta thalassemia. The Guardian has also reported that researchers at Stanford School of Medicine are also working on a similar treatment for sickle cell diseases.


Speaking of futuristic health care, it is hard not to mention ‘chewable coffee’ that was introduced last year and is expected to replace coffee machines at workplaces in 2018. HVMN’s Go Cubes Chewable Coffee claim “4 hours of focus and energy” and giving a new definition to ‘coffee on the go’.


All images courtesy of Pixabay