Techsperts: 7 Tech Trends for 2018

We couldn’t let the launch of Telenor Research’s 7 Tech Trends for 2018 go by without a round-table discussion.

When the team of scientists and technology analysts at Telenor Research launched their 7 Tech Trends for 2018 recently, we needed to know more. So, we invited the Head of Telenor Research, Bjørn Taale Sandberg, to a special end-of-year Techsperts session digging deeper into the seven trends.

Joining him for the festive episode were Digital Product Marketer, Sundhas Zafar, Hakeem Atif, a designer with Telenor Digital and, of course, our presenter, Cat.

To watch the full episode, just click the image below (and don’t get distracted by the antlers or the fabulous knits!).