What we learnt at the Web Summit 2017

Last week tech lovers from all over the world have descended on Lisbon to attend Web Summit, one of Europe’s biggest meeting points to hear what’s moving and shaking in the industry.

Topics of the four day event ranged from AWS and IoT 2.0 to cryptocurrencies, fintech and VR.

We asked Meri Sorgaard, Product Marketing Manager at video collaboration tool appear.in, and Erica Gibson, head of User Research for Telenor Group, what they see as their one key take-away from Lisbon and a tech trend for 2018 that they identified during the gathering.

“My key take-away is to look to the crowd for creatives and include customer service in your marketing team! At an average, 80% of revenue comes from 20% of existing customers,“ says Meri.

For Erica, it’s diversity in tech.

“Susan Herman of the American Civil Liberties Union said not only do we need to bring more women and minorities to work in tech but we also need to talk to them and listen to their experiences to change the way we work. As Head of User Research this really resonated because talking to employees is just as important as talking to users to find out what could be better about our work processes,“ says Erica.

Trends: SoMe, SEO & pitch confidence 

“When it comes to what to look out for, it’s SoMe + SEO!“ says Meri.

“SEO has always been important but now it is back and “trendy” again and what the expert marketers talk about. Frustration around brands feeling invisible in social media has led to an urge for more knowledge and a need for combined efforts between social media marketing and SEO. This means marketers need to focus more on organic efforts like App Store copy, image names in their content for Google Image Search, YouTube tags and thought through headings that people search for,“ she says.

Diversity featured in many of the talks and discussions at Web Summit 20217 and is also the  trend Erica takes home.

“One trend I noticed is that there are still a lot of men pitching new ideas to men. We need more women to feel confident pitching their ideas!,“ she says.

Erica Gibson in Lisbon last week