New developer portal for Norwegian startups

Telenor is launching a dedicated portal for developers, which will enable entrepreneurs to plug into the company’s interface and develop own services. The new portal will be available by the end of October.

The developer portal will contain around 20 different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available for developers wanting to create new digital solutions.

“By providing these open APIs we will make it easy and exciting for developers to create services or apps using functionalities from Telenor’s systems. Many people say that they have been waiting for a developer portal like this and we hope that it will be well-used,” says Ove Fredheim, CMO and Head of Telenor Norway’s Business division.

Innovation with partners

Some of the APIs provide contact information about a mobile phone user, or technical information about the mobile device being used. Other APIs make it possible for corporate customers to manage subscriptions and services from Telenor in their own systems.

“We want to create a range of innovative solutions together with our partners and will open more APIs along the way. Initially, the APIs will be for areas such as communication, customer identification and self-service,” says Fredheim.

Ove Fredheim, CMO and head of Telenor Norway’s Business division, and Elisabeth Falck, head of APIs for Telenor Norway

The developer portal was unveiled during Oslo Innovation Week, where Telenor met with different startups. The beta version of the portal is now being tested.

Here are some of the areas the APIs cover:

  • Autocomplete for online shopping contact information
    Most people have abandoned a basket in an online shop because of the amount of information required to complete the order. APIs designed to retrieve contact information from Telenor’s systems and storing this on the mobile subscription will enable such forms to be completed automatically.
  • Self-service for mobile subscriptions and services
    Companies often use a number of different suppliers. Telenor is just one of many and all of these suppliers have their own portal which they want their customers to use. By using the new developer portal, these companies can integrate Telenor’s functionality into their own systems. This means that individuals can order new subscriptions and services directly from the systems they want.
  • Telecom management in a range of software solutions
    Software suppliers, such as those providing HR or finance systems, will be able to supply fully integrated systems for managing mobile subscriptions and services through the new APIs. Customers can buy a fully integrated solution from the supplier and a Connect product from Telenor, which will ensure a correct and seamless flow of data from Telenor to the customer.