Hello Trello: interactive boards to be integrated within appear.in

Video collaboration tool appear.in joins forces with Trello, the project management software used by 25 million. With the new integration, interactive Trello boards can be opened within appear.in video meetings to collaborate remotely in a completely new and efficient way.

The integration enables teams that have members in different locations to participate more easily and boost engagement in meetings. The combination of appear.in and Trello lets people talk face to face in video conversations while adding, moving and voting on cards, as well as adding their comments and attachments.

Ingrid Odegaard, CEO of appear.in

“Running efficient workshops with remote participants have been notoriously hard. With the new integrated Trello boards in appear.in you can engage the whole team in brainstorming, voting and assigning tasks. We have basically made it possible to have remote post-it sessions where everyone can contribute, even the people who are physically present!“ says Ingrid Odegaard, co-founder & CEO of appear.in.

Adding face time to remote collaboration

Trello announced yesterday that it has surpassed 25 million users across the globe and become a preferred digital collaboration tool for organising projects into boards and lists.   

“As more and more teams go remote, it is even more important now to keep teams connected through all of the tools they use,” says Brian Cervino, Product Marketing Manager for Trello at Atlassian.

“Bringing Trello boards into appear.in allows teams to add some often needed face time to remote collaboration,” says Cervino.

From daily standups to voting

The new integration can be used for a variety of use cases:

  • Daily standup – talk through the board while everyone can see cards being moved
  • Planning meetings – decide on tasks and create cards together, and assign responsibilities for follow-up
  • Workshops – use the Trello board as a wall where people can add ideas or suggestions, and sort them
  • Brainstorming – let you whole team add ideas
  • Voting – add the “Vote” power-up in Trello, and let people vote on the cards they like

“As the CEO of a remote team, I want to run meetings that are inclusive. Everyone should feel like they can contribute, and up until now there has not been a good way to run interactive remote meetings. While appear.in lets me stay in touch and contribute to projects when travelling, the new Trello integration makes it even more seamless by allowing me to keep up to date with all the info in our Trello boards.” says Odegaard.

Wondering how to use the Trello boards in appear.in with your startup or team? More information on how to get started here.