An Innovator’s Mind

What are 5 key traits shared by successful innovators?


Reality check: there will be more fails than wins, but scrambling over hurdles is what makes the startup journey rewarding. Bruises and bumps come with the territory, so ‘thick skins’ go a long way.


The user is your guide. You need to empathise with their needs, wants, and problems. Innovators can’t afford to lack understanding.


Why didn’t the user like that functionality? It’s good, but how can it be better? What are the pain points in this person’s 24-7? Stay curious.


Great things never came out of comfort zones, and in the startup world, you either take the risk or lose the chance. To stay ahead of the game, you have to flirt with failure, and breaking things is just part of the process.


Ok, so pivot is officially a cliché/buzzword, but rigidity is still the real enemy. Embracing input, insight and adopting an agile approach are essential for successful innovators.

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