Calling Norwegian IoT startups for new accelerator

Norway is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, with high technology penetration and good connectivity across all our mountains, tunnels, coastline and cities. Together with StartupLab, Telenor Group, OBOS and ABB are seeing great opportunities in IoT and have launched a new accelerator.

Just 15 years ago, there were around 500 million sensors deployed globally. Todays estimates say that there are 19 billion, and that in five years, there will be 50 billion. Everything will be sensored and connected; smart homes, smart cities, wearables, smart grids, connected cars, connected health, retail, supply chains, farming — and the list goes on. In this myriad of technologies and potential areas of application, there is an overwhelming number of business opportunities for startups.

In StartupLab’s upcoming accelerator programme, Telenor Group, OBOS, and ABB will be working closely with the selected teams on the IoT track. With knowledge sharing, access to infrastructure, insights and real-life challenges from established companies, entrepreneurs working on IoT solutions will have the odds stacked in their favor through the accelerator program.

Ready to apply? Go to the application form here – applications close 8 September.

During the accelerator, Telenor, OBOS and ABB will provide extra support for startups working with IoT. They will be participating in office hours, domain-specific talks and exploration of potential partnerships aimed at increasing your startup’s chances of succeeding.

To take advantage of this, we encourage startups to apply for the upcoming accelerator. This is a great opportunity to give your idea the best kickstart possible, with 1MNOK funding, mentoring and insights that will help you build your product and reach market validation as fast as possible. For Telenor, OBOS and ABB, working with startups through the accelerator is a way to encourage open innovation, and engaging with startups is a shift in culture. Through mentoring and attending workshops in the accelerator, employees and executives are exposed to the startups.

How do the partners work with IoT?

“To deliver on the ambitions of growth and value creation, knowledge within IoT, AI, big data analytics plays a key role in Telenor’s digital strategy going forward.
By providing cost-free access to next-generation IoT infrastructure, we provide Norwegian startups and students with the ability to develop and rapidly prototype new IoT products and services (Telenor Start IoT). This is part of a broad initiative from Telenor to drive growth in the use of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and big data in Norway.” Ieva Martinkenaite, VP Start IoT, Telenor Research

“Through the life cycle of property development and management, OBOS faces challenges that can be solved by the use of technology. From urban planning, infrastructure and mobility, to maintenance, environment and public services. To address all these challenges, OBOS are opening up to challenge old procurement processes and engage with startups, implementing new ways of thinking and operating.” Morten Aagenæs, VP Innovation, OBOS

“ABB views initiatives as StartupLab’s IoT Accelerator an important contributor to the industry and our ABB Ability offerings. ABB firmly believes that the IoT Accelerator will attract talent, and supports startups that might be potential partners helping to make a safer, greener, more productive, collaborative and efficient world.”Oliver Halvorsrød, Advanced Services and Products, ABB Norway

Deadline for applications: 08.09.2017 — apply now. More information about the accelerator, click here.

Republished from Medium with permission from StartupLab