About Planet Entrepreneur

Telenor Group has launched “Planet Entrepreneur” to help drive global entrepreneurship and support new economic productivity in our markets. The program is designed to showcase how Telenor´s competence and resources provide value to entrepreneurs as they develop, and ultimately stimulate job creation.

The world desperately needs a shift in productivity

Internationally, the Sustainable Development Goals point out challenges within health, education, food scarcity and education. There is increasing urbanization and risk of digital exclusion. In many parts of the world, there are “lost generations” of youth who struggle to enter the job market. In Norway, the Productivity Commission observes an economy that needs to develop new growth vehicles as the oil and gas sector declines. They also observe a gap in the proportion of students taking a STEM degree, compared to the OECD average.

Entrepreneurs are essential to our future

They create the next generation of innovative companies, grow GDP, and fuel long-term economic growth. Research from the U.S. suggests that startup firms are responsible for all net job creation during most years, while existing firms (aged one year and older) are usually net job losers. To be fair, startups have a definitional advantage because they can´t lose jobs, and some of their created jobs will surely be lost by the time they reach year one.

But in terms of the life cycle of job growth, policy makers, industry and other stakeholders should appreciate the astounding effect of job creation in the first year of a firm´s life. Yet the conditions that enable entrepreneurs to succeed are at a global inflection point, based on two growing pain points: the rise of rapid scale as table stakes for success, and a growing gap between countries who can enable this scale easily versus countries which do not. The role of the private sector as a bridge to success has never been more important, or more critical, particularly given the state of the global economy today. This is where we aim to take a key leadership role.

Planet Entrepreneur is a global umbrella for a wide range of entrepreneurship-related activities in Telenor. The umbrella reports progress and tells the stories of what it looks like when entrepreneurs make a difference in their markets. The implementation will take on different shapes in each market – taking into account the specific and measurable entrepreneur-related activities taking place locally.

Contacts Planet Entrepreneur

Tor Odland (Responsible for program Planet Entrepreneur)
email: tor.odland@telenor.com
Mobile: +47 990 90 872

Johanna Staaf, Director New Ventures, Telenor Group
email: johanna.staaf@telenor.com
Mobile: +46 723 756 670

Hanne Langeland Knudsen, Telenor Group
email: hanne-langeland.knudsen@telenor.com
Mobile: +47 908 04 015